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Assuming that you all voted...

Now is the time for results of our first ever It's Scripted Sex Fiends Sexpoll. Winners are allowed an acceptance speech, but that's only if you promise us that you'll post more porn. Now... on to the results.

Which diva has the nicest rack?

The majority of you agree that trish_stratus really does have the 'Best Pillows In the Fed.' Second place goes to wwe_nidia, with dawnmarie_wwe close behind.

And which one of our boys has the nicest ass?

Not so surprisingly, k_anglewwe racks up most of your votes and pulls into first. And what's this? A tie for second, I see. j_hardy and m_jindrak are your winners here, but Jeff should be the real winner 'cause he didn't vote for himself like someone else did. *coughs* And then we have ohaire_wcw in third.

Who here has sex entirely too much?

*scratches head* Okay... well, trish_stratus topped this category, only to be followed by the Triad as a whole. j_hardy racked up enough votes to place third, even though he was already part of second place and stuff...

Which female would you just die to share a bed with?

It was a close race this time, but first goes to trish_stratus with wwe_nidia close behind. A lot of you also wouldn't mind a romp in the hay with lita_wwf who placed third.

Which male would you just die to share a bed with?

A lot of you want to sleep with k_anglewwe who leads this catergory with little competition. m_jindrak is in second, and ohaire_wcw, s_mcmahon, and brockzilla tied for third.

Which couple (or Triad) needs to get a room?

raven_effect and chris_jericho do, apparently. But if they asked, I think I'd join. (Hee!) A tie goes to the Triad: trish_stratus, j_hardy, k_dynamo; and wwe_nidia and maven_wwf. edge_wwf and christian_wwf came in at a close third. It's okay, guys. They're just mad because they're not getting all the sex that we are.

Which one of our men is the most well-endowed? (This is entirely speculation.)

Interesting. chuckpalumbo and m_jindrak tie for first. Don't worry, though. k_anglewwe did place... second in fact. And k_dynamo places third.

And who's our most frequent masturbator?

This was a mean catergory. And some of you had some mean answers. So therefore, I give this award to mike_sanders, scott_steiner, and wittyhardy, because they were the ones to fess up to it. And also to wacko_sr because we all know he does it and stuff...

And that's the end. Go thank your voters.
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