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Ok, Beu asked for it...

Well, I've been promising and delaying my story for quite some time and I think Beu Beu is gonna have Tommy whack me with a kendo stick if I don't start fessin up.

So without further ado, here is my tale...

Well one Monday night on the way to the arena, Lance and I had gotten into a....small...okay, major altercation. And well, I had said something out of line and he was just really fucking pissed. I apologized profusley and while he forgave me, I still felt bad.

I decided to make it up to him...

So as he was driving, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I began to stroke him through his pants. And he's freaking out because he's driving and he's begging me to stop because he can't concentrate on the road. And you all know that I am the queen of extreme and I decided to up the ante...

I took his cock out of his pants and I began to suck on him like there is no tomorrow. God, I love giving him head. It gets me so wet. He has a hand on my head guiding me as he tries to fucking drive and he's biting his lip, trying to not moan aloud. He finally manages to ge t me to pull up and pulls over to the side of the road.

He drags me outside (mind you it's 1 in the afternoon) and presses into me-I didn't have underwear on...easier access. God, I love the feeling of him entering me. So he's fucking me hard and fast while I am displayed to the entire world to see.

Not like I fucking cared. I got to moan as loud as I wanted to as he drove his cock in and out of me, over and over.

The sun was beating on us and he was taking me...claiming me...

And then out of noweher, our orgasms come rolling in like a tsunami and claim us. Feeling him cum in me and know that I caused that, is the biggest power rush in the world for me.

So that's my tale...

Happy Beu?
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