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A solo adventure

After talking to Jeff and Trish for a little while, I went off to work on my 'assignment'. I was very amused to see that Trish as several doze 'prono tryouts' out there. The girl looks nothing like her. Not even the right shade of blonde.

Then after all that, it was off to lay in the hot tub for a while to try and relax. But I was too over heated after all that viewing...

I didn't even bother with a suit, just slipped into the tub naked, visions of Kobe Tia and Briana Banks and Mark Davis and April Hunter and Tylene--me and Dawn kissing--swimming in my head. The jets of water felt like pin-pricks as I tried to remember the last time I felt lips on my own--then the last time I was on my knees, my tongue traveling the long, hard lenght of a cock. My mouth watered as I closed my eyes, reliving the feel and taste of a dick in my mouth, angling my body just so, letting one of the jets of water shoot past my nipples, and another brush my clit under the water. I relived nights of Pete in my mind, the way he was able to get my blood boiling with just a well placed flick of the tongue a smoldering look as his fingers worked me slowly.

It's been so long since I was worked over, slow and sweet--then hard and fast, fucked hard and vicously, not a damn given for my pleasure, only the need to get off.

I shift a little more in the water, my fingers adding to the prickling sensations, darting in and out, rubbing slowly...

I stop as I feel myself getting closer. Not yet...I step out of the water, moaning softly at the feel of the air cooling the water on my skin. I dry off and go back to lay on the couch, then flip on the TV, hit play on the vcr--watch the writhing and licking. I start to rub slowing, my finger just lighting on my clit, then back off. Rub, tease...lick my lips as Mark Davis pulls out, slowly slides his cock deep in Kobe's ass. Leave the VCR on as I go to the bedroom, pull out 'Old Fatihful'--the long silver wand. I switch it on as I got back into the living room, rubbing the buzing length over my nipples.

Mark has Kobe on her hands and knees. Smacking her ass as he plows into her pussy. I slide the vibrator in deep, turn it on high, the buzz making my toes curl I move it in and out in time with Mark's thrusts, wishing it was me who was clawing the desk--

I close my eyes, the sounds of fucking the soundtrack to my own pleasure. I try to remember the feel of a cock twitching deep inside me--a real one, thick and ridged...the feel of tongues and hands on my nipples, my lips, my pussy...

I twist it in and out of my greedy snatch, arching my back with every upstroke, wishing there was someone real there-. I need to be fucked. I need a hot, hard body, fucking me, right now..I need a cock in my ass...or the vibrator in my ass and a cock in my pussy--and in my mouth. I have visions of walking into the smackdown lockerroom naked and letting everyone have their wicked way with me--being nothing but a fuck slut for everyone's pleasure...I need a good, long, hard, fucking.

The first orgasm hit like a shot, sharp and muscles clench, I bite my lip as the hot wash runs through me...moaning and crying out...

And surprisingly--it's not nearly enough...

I rewind the tape--to the spot where she's sucking his cock...and start all over again...'s going to be a long, long project.
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