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I never thought I'd find myself writing in this group again. Anyway, since a couple people were curious (and since Nidia needs porn), here it is. =)

p.s. This is a tad late, sorry.

You know, even though Trish is a good friend, I usually don't follow her advice, because it usually gets me into trouble *giggles* So, Brock and I were sitting on a couch...flirting...and watching random movements from a blanket in the middle of the room, and in not so many words, asked me to bed. I was hesitant, but with the muffled encouragements 'go have some fun', and 'shoo', we were off.

We made our way to a random room, and quickly got started. Hands roaming, heavy breathing and long kisses were the only thing passed between us. He made quick work of both of our shirts, dipping his head quickly towards my chest, the sharp end of his tongue playing over my nipples making me squeal. The twitching muscles of his back felt so good under my hands as he moved over me. The smoothness of his palms rubbing over my body sending chills through me. I was able to reach between us, into his pants and take his cock into my hand, feeling it grow. He growled when I did that. Mmm.

He sat up between my legs, taking the rest of his clothes off, then mine. The way he looked at me, his blue eyes darkening, leering at me like he wanted to ram me 5 ways from Sunday sent me entirely to another level. I quickly got him on his back, and rested between his legs, face to face with this thick, hard muscle, already throbbing and dripping. I got my ego stroked as I sucked him off, watching his face flush, and listening to him purr like a content kitten as he fed his cock down my throat. I really didn’t want him cumming too soon, but I left him with a little something as I pulled away, dragging my tongue-studs along the underside, making sure it glided over that sensitive spot.

He looked at me, his eyes lidded and panting, asking “What about you?” I quickly informed I wasn’t going unrewarded for a job like that. He quickly switched our positions, and placed a small kiss on my thigh before covering me with his mouth. He had me shuddering with the feeling of his warm breath and stubble against my lips, and the cool tip of his nose moving over my clit as his head moved slow and steady. Then, he did this thing with his tongue, it starting darting in and out, then went back to slowly licking. He was killing me, and he knew it. I could feel him smirking at me. But I didn’t really care…I was doing something I haven’t done in a while.

The look on his face was classic when he looked at me. That feral beast mixed and excited child…kind of. He loomed over me. We kissed, sloppily and hungrily as he slid into me. I don’t ever remember feeling that, stretched so far it hurt, and it hurt good. I wanted that feeling all the way through, and he delivered. Not letting up for a second, filling me, stretching me deliciously with each push. His labored breath was music to my ears, his sweaty body gliding with mine, making for a most delightful friction. He growled low into my ear, several times, like the animal that he is, warning me of his approaching orgasm. He’s not one to cum alone, either. He reached between us, rubbing at my clit furiously with his thumb. I could feel it building up, burning to get out. That’s when I felt him throbbing inside me, roaring loudly as he let loose, thrusting into me with each spurt. Feeling him inside me as I came was something else entirely. Tingling because I couldn’t really contract around him, which sent an overall pleasure coursing through my veins.

I didn’t really expect the cuddling afterwards. It was nice, watching him turn into a teddy bear and all that. I’m glad I did it, actually…got rid of some built up tension. It kind of helped our friendship, too…despite how disrespectful he may come off to some people.
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