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My turn

I'd hate to look like the only one not postin' here. And, since I ain't really been havin' a lotta sex lately, you're gonna read 'bout somethin' else.

Yeah so, I was out today an' picked up the new Teen People(yeah, seems I'm addicted to that mag, right?), 'cause I saw that little hottie on the cover. Care to take a guess? Yeah, Justin *smirk*

So anyway, I was readin' the article, lookin' at the pictures, an' I got to thinkin'. Thinkin' 'bout havin' him in my bed, his legs wrapped around my waist an' listenin' to him scream out my name as I fucked him.

Then, there's this poster of him, an' he's all wet, and his lips are nice an' pouty. I thought about him goin' down on me, his mouth in that perfect 'O' shape, an' those nice, big blue eyes lookin' up at me as I rocked my hips, movin' my dick in and out of his mouth. Aah yeah..

I went back to thinkin' 'bout fuckin' him again. Grabbin' handfuls of his round little ass as I sank into it. Damn I bet that boy is tight..probably feels like a virgin(heh, he probably is in this respect, but whatever). Bet he takes it like a man, too. Beggin' for more like a---

Well shit, look what you did. Y'got me all hard again. I might just go have a nice little dream 'bout someone else, but y'all ain't gonna hear 'bout that yet ;-).
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