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Apparently, people are curious about my sexlife...

So I thought I'd write a little something in here...

Well, where do I start? How about with the fact that when I get extremely horny and my wife is nowhere to be found, I tend to get rather highstrung...I gored someone the other night as a result. *chuckles* Ooops. So anyway, I left OVW to come home, and the moment I walked in the door I found Mirja, flipped her over my shoulder, and carried her up the stairs to the bedroom. In a matter of seconds all clothes were on the floor and she was screaming like a banshee. That woman's an animal in bed, I swear. She brings out something in me that makes me want to fuck her through the mattress, for lack of a better term. The feeling of being completely in control of the situation, of knowing every little move I make drives her completely insane..it's like nothing else. Apparently, she was as horny as I was because when I went into the bathroom to take a shower, she snuck up behind me, jumped on me, and we wound up fucking in the shower. Heh, and people wonder how I keep in shape.
So everything calmed down after the shower. We got dressed, got something to eat, and collapsed on the couch to watch some TV. And yeah, that's ALL we did, was watch TV. I wore her out in the shower. *chuckles* Suddenly, Mirja decides she no longer wants to watch TV and yells at me to unpack and do the laundry. Women. Give 'em the best sex of their life and they scream at you to clean. Go figure, right? So it turns out I married a woman who gets off on scaring the crap out of her husband because while I was putting the clothes into the dryer, she snuck up behind me and grabbed my ass. Anyone who's seen Varsity Blues knows that dryers are good for more than one thing. Lucky for us, there was no BillyBob to interrupt while we were, uh...doing the laundry.
She's asleep right now, but I have a feeling any minute, she's going to sneak in here and scare the crap out of me again, so that's all for now. Hope everyone's happy with this little insight into my sex life. *laughs*
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