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Dreams can make the best fantasy

I had this dream a couple of months ago about Trish and myself. It wasn't one that I ever got the chance to actually fulfil and now I know I never will. But it was so vivid that it has been burned into my memory ever since.

How it all started I don't recall, it was a dream for a reason you know. But Trish and I were on this four poster canopy bed, very similar to this one actually. We were making out and rolling on the bed having a small power struggle of dominance. That was till I leaned over and managed to tie one hand to one post with a black silkened rope while I was nibbling on her neck. The sound of surprise in her voice when she went to move her hand and realised she couldn't was an aphrodisiac. I quickly moved over her and tied her other hand to the other post. Her voice was filled with shock as she asked me what I intended to do. I looked down at her, my eyes boring all over her naked body before looking back up at her face saying "Don't you want to play Trisssshh?" I know how hissing her name all breathy like that turns her on. Her hands grip at the ropes that are tied to the posts as she bites her lower lip and nods at me.

I slowly and teasingly inch my way down her body, making sure my hair trails softly over her heated flesh. I crawl off her and stand at the base of the bed, a look of smugness on my face as I tell her that there is just one more thing that I need to do. Her eyebrows arch up as I show her the ropes that I had attached to the base posts and nod to her feet. A knowing smile comes across her face as she lifts up one foot and points her toes at me, allowing me to tie her feet so she is now my complete naked captive, spread-eagled on the bed in front of me.

Now that she is totally helpless, I come around to the side of the bed, sit down and run my finger from her navel up between her breasts, to her neck and down again, not saying a word. I lean over and nuzzle her neck, biting the bottom of her earlobe before whispering to her that now the fun starts. With that I got off the bed and made my way over to the closet and pulled out a black box. I could see her straining to see what was in the box as I brought it over to the bed, placing it down on the side table. Her curiosity got the better of her and she ask what is in the box. I bring out a long purple silk scarf and run it over her breasts. Her eyes close and she shivers at the touch of it on her body. When I see her eyes closed I bring out a set of nipple clamps and attach them to her. She arched up off the bed a hiss coming from her perfectly pouted lips, her eyes widen and latch onto mine in shock. I can't help but smirk down at her as I say "oh did they hurt?" tsking as I flick one of the clamps. Again she arches and moans out something that sounds like Oh God.

I sit there watching her start to writhe on the bed, trying to escape the ropes. The movement only making the clamps move and pinch her more. The look of sheer torturous pleasure all over face almost made me want to fuck her right there. But I wasn't going to, she was going to have to beg me to fuck her and even then I might not. I placed a hand gently on her stomach telling her to stay still, that if she didn't I wouldn't fuck her. She instantly froze, again her eyes widened in a 'you wouldn't dare' look. I arched my eyebrow and curled my lip in a matching 'just try me' one. She kept worrying her bottom lip and just nodded in acquiescence.

I told her that she was being a very good girl and deserved a massage, so I brought out of the box some massage oil. But this wasn't any ordinary oil, no it was peach flavored edible oil. I situated myself between her legs, my cock was just barely inches away from her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from it as I leaned forward, the tip of my cock brushing against her folds as I poured some of the oil on her stomach. She thrust her hips down towards me as if to try and spear herself, but I again tsked her and flicked the left clamp. I think she actually came for the first time then because she arched up, her body twitching and I could feel her juices running over the head of my cock. I couldn't help it, I dipped my finger down into her steaming pussy and brought some of the juices up to my mouth and suckled on my fingers. Her taste is addictive, those of you who have tried it know what I'm talking about mmmmmm. I dipped my fingers into her again and held them out for her. Watching her lips wrap around my fingers and suck greedily on them, feeling the suction of her mouth around them, got me even harder.

I couldn't stop myself if I wanted to, I slipped easily inside her, my free hand resting on her stomach, holding her down as she moaned around my fingers. I pulled my hand away from her mouth and took off the nipple clamps as I started to rub the massage oil into her stomach and chest. I rocked slowly into her, making sure to run my hands up her body as I did, and down her body as I withdrew from her. I kept this maddening pace up till she started humping back at me as much as her restraints would allow. She cried out in frustration when I started going even slower. I looked down at her with as blank a face as I could muster asked "what is it you want baby.. Tell me what you need me to do." She raised her head and looked at me with a needy look and growled out at me "Fuck Me Shan. Fuck me hard." I pulled out of her with a shake of my head, "Growling isn't a nice way of asking for something now is it." She threw her head back on the pillows and howled out again in frustration before looking up and me and begging "please Shan, please fuck me, I need to feel your big fat cock inside me, fuck me hard please baby please."

I knew that I wouldn't last long if I was inside her again, so as I sunk into her I put my hands under her, raising her hips slightly so I was sinking deeper into her brushing against her G-Spot with each frantic thrust. The sweat was dripping off me onto her as she grabbed onto the ropes that were attached to her wrists, again arching her back up and screaming out as she came hard. Her pussy clamping hard down on my cock was my own undoing, I threw my head back and howled out her name as I thrust into her, filling her till overflowing. It was at that moment that I woke up, with a wet spot on my boxers.
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