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Okay so I never thought about postin on here but I figure what the hell I might as well do it.. So without further delay...It seems lately that me and Francine are always fighting.. About the stupidest things to. Sometimes I just can't explain it.

Like the other night we were fighting over the dishes. She asked me to do them and I said that I would after the TV show I was watching was over. Well that did not make Francine very happy.. She got mad and started throwing the dishes out of the sink. She was washing them too by time I got out there. She must have called me every name in the book. She was yelling and cursing at the dishes.

She had water all over her shirt and it was in her hair and everything. I remember wrapping my arms around her and her telling me that I was an asshole and to get off of her. I guess her getting aggreviated turned me on even more. So I move back a little. I guess she thought all of her yelling made me mad and I was going to leave but I spun her around and before she could start yelling at me I caught my lips with hers. She tried hitting me a few times to make me stop but after trying her damnest to stop it she just melted and kisses me back.

I lifted her up on the counter her wet shirt pressing against me. I pulled away from the kiss slowly and looked at her. "We can't do this. We are fighting." She whimpered. I just looked at her and kisses her letting her know that I didn't care.

I made quick work of the shirt that she was wearing and threw it to the floor. Looking back at her I realized that she was not wearing anything under that shirt.. That is just one of the thing I love about her.. She likes to not wear anything under her clothes. I kissed down her neck and across her chest. I teased her for a little while before I took her nipple into my mouth sucking it increasing the pace as I went along. The noises that she makes drove me even crazier as I moved to the next one. I could feel her underneath me. Her body wanting more.

I slide down her pants and smiled at what I saw. I looked into her eyes which were filled with lust. I moved between her legs and moved my lips on her softly. Her moans and pants egging me on. I teased her and then licked and sucked on her. I laid her on the counter and removed all my clothes as I climbed up on the counter. I was already hard and looking at her made me even harder. I slide into her panting and moaning as I moved in and out of her biting at her skin as I went along. Her fingers running down my back as my movements got faster. I remember closing my eyes and completely filling her.

After we were done I finished up the dish and joined her for some fun in the bedroom
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