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I'm ready to drop dead..

These past few days have been one big sex session. I got one foot in the door the day I came home and Mirja jumped on me and tried to screw me right there in the doorway. Had to pull her off, lock myself in the bathroom so I could take a piss, and then let her in. I think that woman is more addicted to sex than I am. Jesus Christ, couple days away and it was like we hadn't fucked in months. The bathroom, the kitchen, the basement, the bedroom, the laundry room, the living room...you name it, we probably fucked in it or on it. I'm still trying to recover. I didn't know it was possible to get off as much as I did in one hour...let alone the few days that I've been home. The only reason I'm on the computer right now is because Mirja had to go out with the psychobitch and I'm watching the little guy. I think my dick's finally recovered. In between our little sex sessions, I managed to unpack my bag, clean my clothes, finish some things on Mirja's "Honey-Do" list, and visit my parents. They were thrilled to see me, and to find that I wasn't reinjured in anyway. I think I've got a better chance of getting injured in bed than I do in the ring. *chuckles* Well, it's a beautiful day out and Dylan's eyeing the swing set in the backyard. Think I'll take him outside for a while.
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